The Whole House Audio system is the centerpiece of the connected home. With in ceiling and in wall speakers, this system is the basic building block of complete sound throughout the home. From a single source such as radio or CD to a Multi Stream  Media Server, these systems can usually be expanded to up to six different sources so that each member of the family can enjoy music their way.

The Whole House Intercom system Operates seamlessly with the distributed audio system. With intercom stations throughout the home family members can call Room to Room, whole house paging and communicating with someone at the entry door. These systems can be expanded to electronically open entry doors. Our systems usually include video screens at every location so the homeowner can see who's at the door.

The Distributed Video system allows for seamless viewing of video sources to every room in the home. Capable of distributing Cable TV or media server sources. The possibilities are limitless, if you can imagine it we can design and install it.

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